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Dealsign Digital Contract Room is the easiest way to collaborate and share contract documents, negotiate, sign, archive and manage contracts with stakeholders across the contract lifecycle.

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why dealsign?

Faster contract management with all stakeholders

Business contracting is different from signing and managing simple documents. Business contracts by their nature are more complex to sign and manage, and it often requires preparation and negotiation to agree contracts between the parties.

This is where Dealsign comes in. Dealsign Digital Contract Room keeps stakeholders aligned and managing contracts without friction and delays. Dealsign helps you draft, negotiate, sign, archive and manage company contracts. Use templates, automate follow-ups, and engage with stakeholders across the contract lifecycle.

Negotiate and sign 2x faster

Contract automation and online negotiations provide 50-80% time savings and faster contract cycles. Remove unnecessary document hassle, reduce wait times and agree contracts faster.

Collaborate with ease

Collaborate and agree contracts online in real-time or async without manual tasks and document work. Focus on your business, and spend less time on contract management.

Efficient contract management

Get visibility and access to all company contracts and archives. See real-time status for contract negotiations, signatures, set reminders and monitor contract lifecycle management activities.

Simplify compliance

Deploy policies, mitigate contract management risks and improve compliance with automated contract templates, advanced electronic signature and secure contract archive.

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modern contract management

Accelerate contracting and simplify compliance at scale

Dealsign Digital Contract Room offers advanced contracting workflows together with archive storage and contract lifecycle management in the same software.

Learn more about our insights on digital contracting and the future of contracting with AI and automation.

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Why customers choose Dealsign

Our team members and clients work in different locations, thus, online contract negotiations and digital signature streamline the contracting. We save like 50% of the time spent for contracting, and the agreements get signed faster than before.

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Jarkko Järvenpää


Dealsign has made our life way easier. We just pick the template, edit and draft the contract in minutes, and we can agree and sign the contract the same day. The faster we do it the faster the deal is closed.

Tarnjit Saini


Dealsign’s online contract negotiations tool has improved our contract management process efficiency by 30-40% and enhanced our contract compliance.

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Timo Nieminen

ValueSource Partners

InvestCEE recommends Dealsign for the drafting, negotiation and signing phase for commercial contracts because it allows for intuitive yet digital collaboration between different business entities privy to the document.

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Orsolya Szabó


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