Dealsign is an easy to use
negotiation and contracting
service in the cloud

Save Time
Enhance Collaboration

Dealsign has the solution
for all the steps in the contract lifecycle

Contract template management

Manage all your templates centrally online. Fast drafting and sending.

Real-time collaboration and contract negotiation

Collaborate and negotiate in real-time online in one cloud service.

Approve and sign the contract

Easy and secure digital signature.
Optional approval flow.

Smart contract archiving with search

Store and manage all your contracts. Fast search into contract database details.

Dashboard with notifications and analytics

Get relevant reminders and notifications.­ See analytics and insights of your business performance.

Connect and automate

Automate workflows and connect Dealsign contracting to your favorite apps.

Save time

Significant 50-80% time saving and efficiency gains using Dealsign for contract management. ­Remove unnecessary hassle and burden.

Enhance collaboration

Collaborate real-time online across the organizational boundaries. All internal and external team members welcome to collaborate.

Streamline processes

Optimize and streamline contracting processes, template management, negotiations, approvals, signatures and contract lifecycle management.

Improve employee satisfaction

Dealsign is an enterprise SaaS cloud service with modern design and user experience. Responsive service works with all screen sizes and on the go.

Save money and reduce costs

In addition to significant time savings, paperless contracting saves document printing and mailing costs.

Dealsign enhances compliance ­ and security for contract management

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Secure data

Significant risk reduction with all contracts stored securely in one place and data in sync. Dealsign uses Google’s global fast content-delivery network (CDN) with SSL security and automated backups in the Google cloud infrastructure.

Bulletproof compliance

Secure audit trails on Dealsign ensure a complete record of your end-to-end contract processes.

Legally binding

Reduce legal risk in contract execution. Dealsign digital signature complies with eIDAS, ESIGN and other major regulations, and Dealsign digital signature is rated Advanced Security Level by EU and US standards. It’s advanced security level features make it more secure than most other digital signature services on the market.

Now everyone can negotiate, sign and manage contracts online

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Start smarter and easier contracting

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