For Sales

We know the struggle. Sales professionals want to close deals, not drown in paperwork. Still, you want all your sales contracts to be professional. The Dealsign contracting tool saves time and minimises the risk of error. All your sales contract proposals will be impeccable and available online.

Having used Docusign for a tonne of contracts previously, Dealsign is heads and shoulders above it, especially with the ability to renegotiate parts of the contracts in real-time. We love it!

Stephen Sutton

Flyby Guys

As a digital marketing agency we want to show that digital is part of our DNA. Analog proposals and paperwork don’t fit in with that. Therefore it’s important to us to have an online solution for handling documents, agreements and proposals. Dealsign gives us the possibility to negotiate proposals online and then sign them digitally. This has helped us to grow our business.

Andy Hoek


No paperwork, just closing deals

Dealsign eases the tedious part of your working day and helps you serve your clients better. It allows you to work smarter and easier. Say bye-bye to email ping-pong, chasing signatures, printing, scanning, sending and all kinds of traditional archiving. Deal with fewer calls and meetings that consume everyone’s valuable time.

Draft and send quick and smooth

Have you ever sent a draft based on an old template or sales agreement? Or a document with another client’s name on it? No more template confusion or awkward mistakes that eat into your trustworthiness as a business partner. You will always have the latest template version with the correct details. You can modify your templates as you go. Want to change something back? Don’t worry, Dealsign tracks all changes.

Negotiate in real time online

Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation feature. Agree on it then and there! No proofreading is needed before signing. Real time or not, all parties can keep track of the contract’s status, wherever they are. Secure e-signing seals the deal.All your contracts will be archived safely in one place. You can find the right one as simply as typing in a Google search.

All the contracts you need

Create, negotiate and agree sales contracts, sales agreements and NDAs. Draft data processing agreements to ensure EU GDPR compliancy with your client. Track sales contracting statuses and sales agreement renewals. The options are there for you to explore.