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Dealsign is the winner of Procurecon IT 2018 Dragon’s Den Innovation Examination delivering the greatest and latest innovations for procurement digital transformation.

All the paperwork related to contracts can be a pain for both buyers and vendors. Some say it comes with the territory. Are you buying it? There is a smarter way. With Dealsign you can simplify the buy-side contracting process from negotiations to archiving. Dealsign takes care of the tedious, repetitive data entry and chases signatures while you are working on something more inspiring.

Zeal Sourcing assists its clients to transform their sourcing into a strategic, value focused and agile function. Dealsign helps us to manage templates, optional clauses and multiple negotiation processes efficiently. Dealsign saves time from each party involved and it's easy to engage a larger team in the negotiation. We never have to worry about version control or finding documents!

Antti Suorsa

Zeal Sourcing

Dealsign’s online contract negotiations tool has improved our contract management process efficiency by 30-40% and enhanced our contract compliance.

Timo Nieminen

ValueSource Partners

Always the right template

Dealsign lets you focus on the good stuff. For starters, no more outdated templates or searching for the right one. Your templates will always be fresh as a daisy. You can modify them as you go, and the changes will immediately be implemented to all users. You will always start the contracting process with the most recent template. Even when you don’t have the option to use your own templates, you can use the easy Dealsign Word import function to import supplier-side templates with a few clicks.

Spend less time on routines

You know the tasks no one is excited about. Repetitive non-value-adding tasks like printing, scanning and mailing are tiring, can cause slip-ups and lead to non-compliance. Save time and minimise the risk of error. With Dealsign you can say bye-bye to version confusion, email ping-pong, chasing signatures, printing, scanning, sending and all kinds of traditional archiving.

Negotiate in real time online

Agree on it then and there! Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation feature that takes collaboration to the next level. No proofreading is needed before signing. You don’t have to wait for the supplier to comment on all the clauses before you can work with the document. Both parties work simultaneously on the same document, agreeing it clause-by-clause.

Keep a firm grip on all activities

Be on top of your contract game. Dealsign tracks all activities in a secure audit trail and keeps an eye on the contract status on an individual clause level. Nothing stays unnoticed. You can always take a peek at how your documents are doing. Dealsign guides you to take the right actions to get your contracts fully signed.

Secure storage in one place

How do you store your contracts? No more scanned pdf files in the corner of a server, documents lost in the wrong data archive, dusty filing cabinets or random stacks of papers. Dealsign will archive all your contracts safely in one place, in a digital format. Dealsign even stores all the proposed changes from the template to the finalised contract.

Designed by contract makers

Dealsign is designed by contract makers for contract makers. We believe in an easy, safe and compliant workflow. That is why Dealsign runs like clockwork and serves all phases of the contracting process better than you could imagine.