Dealsign brings all your contracting together

Contract management in Dealsign happens in one digital workspace - a single place for contract templates, sending, negotiations, signing, archiving, and contract lifecycle management - helping your team to close deals faster and manage contracts easily.

Contract template management

Real-time collaboration and negotiation

Approve and sign the contract

Smart contract archiving with search

Dashboard with notifications and analytics

All-in-one tool for contract management

Smart contract templates

Use custom templates with optional clauses and clause library, and share playbook instructions to streamline contracting and improve compliance.

Efficient collaboration and contract negotiations

Collaborate and share contracts with your colleagues and teams across the organisation. Real-time online negotiation enables teams to collaborate, edit and agree the contract clause by clause without the need of sending documents back and forth and losing version control.

Easy and secure digital signatures

Sign contracts effortlessly with an easy and secure digital signature. Secure audit trails on Dealsign ensure a complete record of your end-to-end contract processes.

Contract archives always available

All negotiated and signed contracts are automatically stored into the Dealsign cloud archive. You can also upload and store all existing archives and old contracts into the Dealsign cloud archive.

Effortless contract lifecycle management

Set and get relevant reminders and notifications for your contracts and archives. Create document tags to store and organize contracts within the workspace

Powerful search

Powerful full-text search let’s you find and access all your contracts and contract details fast where and whenever you need them.

Personalized dashboard with team view

Stay on top of your company contracting and contract archives. Dashboard shows your contracting status and analytics, team collaboration and personal call-to-action notifications.