For Growth Companies

As your growth company scales up, you constantly make more contracts. Eventually you will need a process tool to get rid of unnecessary paperwork and make your job easier.

Trying to determine which tools to use? Are you sure all your contracts are compliant? Juggling Word, Google Drive and Docs, Dropbox, email and an e-signing service isn’t exactly agile. The risk of human error lurks round every corner.This is where Dealsign comes in. Dealsign is the perfect tool for creating and managing all your contracts in the cloud with bulletproof compliance.

Dealsign takes negotiations and digital signatures to a whole new level. We use their innovative solution to onboard hundreds of businesses and freelancer couriers at scale while yet helping us save time and having total peace of mind with their bulletproof compliance solution.

Mario Henningson


Dealsign’s online contract management and digital signature have supported building trusted business relationships and growth of Konsulttiverkko freelance consultant network.

Jussi Järvinen


Focus on the good stuff

Why not do it right from the beginning. The Dealsign contracting tool serves all phases of the contracting process. Say goodbye to email ping-pong, chasing signatures, printing, scanning, sending and all kinds of traditional archiving.

Negotiate in real time online

Agree on it then and there! Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation feature that takes collaboration to the next level. You can create, negotiate and agree your business contracts in real time online. Save time and minimise the risk of error.

Legal templates for your contracts

We want to help you make an impact and thrive. With Dealsign, you ensure legally correct contracts from scratch and avoid problems later on in your story. Our law firm partners have drawn up standardised templates that you can use on your way to success.

All the essential agreements

Dealsign helps you with all the contracts you need for your growing business. Make data processing agreements to ensure EU GDPR compliancy and non-disclosure agreements. Create investment documents for venture investment and financial terms. Draw up employee and freelance contracts for smooth recruitment and staffing.

Show them you mean business

Professional contract proposals show your business partners and investors that your company is trustworthy. You are due diligence ready and eligible for venture capital funding or M&A. In other words, you’re free to do what you love and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.