Smart digital contract templates streamline your contracting

Dealsign turns your contract template documents into digital contracts online. Manage all your tailor-made company contract templates centrally, set optional clauses and instructions to help your team make better contracts efficiently.

Manage your templates centrally online

Make the system work for you, not vice versa. With Dealsign, you can manage all your company tailor-made contract templates and archive your contracts centrally online. Invite your team members and clients to work together on a document online in real time. You will save time and make your workflow faster and easier than ever before.

Import existing templates or create new ones

Create new templates from scratch or import your existing Word documents into Dealsign. Go to town creating unique drafts for different cases and clients. You can always start from the beginning with the original template. The master document stays intact.

Guided contracting ensure compliance

Want to make sure your documents are done as needed?

Smart templates and guided contracting enforce company policy and compliance.