For In-House Legal Teams

Expectations of in-house legal services are changing. News about the growth in legal tech is travelling fast. People expect contracting to be smart and easy – and that it will happen online.

Do you want to be in the forefront? We are excited about having you there with us. We offer a smarter way for in-house legal teams to handle their company’s internal and external contracts, get agreements done in less time, keep stakeholders happy and increase productivity and collaboration.

InvestCEE recommends Dealsign for the drafting, negotiation and signing phase for commercial contracts because it allows for intuitive yet digital collaboration between different business entities privy to the document.

Orsolya Szabó


Smarter and easier contracting

Email ping-pong and printing is tiring, and a bit out of date these days. With Dealsign you can negotiate contracts online in real time with bulletproof compliance. No more confusion on which templates have been approved by the legal team and which not – your company will always have the latest version available.

Negotiate in real time online

All parties can keep track of the contract’s status and changes, wherever they are. Secure e-signing seals the deal. All contracts are stored safely in one place.Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation feature. It tracks and visualises the progress of the negotiations clause-by-clause. With real time access to all contracts under negotiation, your company will take collaboration between the in-house legal team and the business it supports to the next level.

Show people you embrace change

By adding Dealsign to your toolbox, you show hands-on that you are on board with change and want to cut unnecessary red tape. You work smarter and easier, and all parties can keep track of the contract’s status. You will serve your internal clients and stakeholders better, handle the contracting processes with ease, have real time visibility on all contracts under negotiation and see what changes are being made along the way.

Easy as a Google search

Our search function allows users to search through the company contract templates you have uploaded to the tool. You can also use it for searching through all signed and archived agreements. Finding the right template or document is as easy as typing in a Google search.

Take your contracting to the next level

Do you feel the appeal? Take your contracting process to the next level. We love long-term relationships and hope you share our vision of making collaboration easier and contracting faster, and providing brilliant customer experiences.