How ValueSource enhanced efficiency and professionalism in contract management process

ValueSource Partners Oy is the top procurement and supply chain management consultancy and service company in Finland, serving regional and international flexibly locally and globally. ValueSource Partners has grown rapidly to 40 experts plus additionally they offer flexibility with over 100 supply chain professionals expert pool.

Pia Korpineva, Human Resources Specialist at Value Source Partners, uses Dealsign to negotiate and sign employment contracts and NDAs.

“If you consider how we operated with contracts before Dealsign, taking Dealsign in to use has helped us tremendously. Previously we sent contract document PDF files and other documents back and forth with emails and signed contracts on paper. Our employees are scattered around Finland so getting their signatures was not easy either.”

ValueSource Partners utilizes Dealsign’s online negotiations and allow their counterparts to edit and modify the online contract proposal. This helps ValueSource Partners to negotiate and edit the contract smoothly online in real-time using the same online workspace without sending document files and emails.

Timo Nieminen, Customer Director Sales and Marketing at ValueSource Partners, has seen the improvement first hand.

“We have got rid off email chains, word document version hassle and signing physically. Dealsign’s online contract negotiations tool has improved our contract management process efficiency by 30-40% and enhanced our contract compliance.”

“We have used other eSigning solutions in the past, but Dealsign is a completely different thing. The ability to have contract templates, online negotiations and digital signing in one tool has made us a lot more professional, efficient and helps us to show that we are a modern company with the latest tools.”