InvestCEE recommends Dealsign for the drafting, negotiation and signing

InvestCEE is a legal technology consultancy firm designed to optimize legal work processes across Central Eastern Europe. InvestCEE services enable corporate legal teams and law firms to become a strategic asset for businesses in the digital age.

InvestCEE’s CEO Orsolya Szabó on partnership with Dealsign:

“At InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy, we help our clients shift to data-driven legal workstreams and we have partnered with Dealsign for a number of good reasons in this context. We work closely with our clients to rethink the contract management function in their organizations and break it down to specific "data workstreams" that actually matter, instead of creating non-useful file silos in a traditional document management tool.”

“InvestCEE recommends Dealsign for the drafting, negotiation and signing phase for commercial contracts because it allows for intuitive yet digital collaboration between different business entities privy to the document.”

✔️ With the modular drafting tool, Dealsign workspaces allow clients to control data input in contract templates and manage templates on a unified dashboard.

✔️ Online and real-time negotiation of contracts (with an embedded version control and audit log!) is an amazing Dealsign feature that eases participation in editing and exchanging drafts, while also making sure that no data is lost in the process.

✔️ The advanced level e-signature (compliant with the EU eIDAS Regulation) integrated into the platform conveniently enables signing commercial contracts.

“We really enjoy collaborating with the professional business & tech team behind Dealsign. Working with great people is the key added value to any technology on the market!“

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