How Dealsign helps software company Vincit to streamline customer negotiations and contract management?

Vincit is a top expert in software development offering software design & development, emerging technologies, and digital platform services. Customers are large and medium-sized enterprises, along with start-up companies and public agencies. Vincit is a listed company of 500+ top experts, based in 8 cities in Finland, Switzerland and USA. 

Jarkko Järvenpää, Chief Sales Officer at Vincit, describes how Vincit sales and customer teams use Dealsign in making deals with customers and managing contracts: 

“We manage all contract templates in Dealsign. Team members use the same templates with the latest updates always available. We also use the optional clauses and playbook instructions in our templates, this streamlines the contract drafting and helps the team members to make compliant contracts. We use Dealsign to negotiate and sign all types of customer agreements, including sales contracts, frame agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and data processing agreements.” 

Vincit uses Dealsign’s online contract negotiations and allows their customers to edit the agreement proposals when negotiating the deal. Using Dealsign, Vincit’s team is able to negotiate and collaborate with their clients using the same digital contracting workspace without the need of sending document files and emails back and forth. 

“Our team members and clients work in different locations, thus, online contract negotiations and digital signature streamline the contracting. We save like half of the time spent for contracting, and the agreements get signed faster than before. It also helps when you know that all the contracts are stored in the same place.”

“Dealsign makes it possible to draft contracts fast and delight the customers with collaborative negotiations and contracting. Show them we get things done. It’s a good way to start new relationships when you handle contracts right away, contracts are not pending and delaying any client work.” 

Our team at Dealsign is working closely with Vincit to help the team collaborate and manage contracts faster and smarter. Signup or contact us for a demo meeting to get started with digital contracting now.