How Dealsign helps marketing agency Invalshoek to close more deals?

Invalshoek is a marketing agency based in The Hague that specializes in digital marketing for B2B companies and mostly works with SAAS start-ups. Mostly we work based on ongoing agreements to help shape our clients digital marketing, sales and CRM strategy. We help our clients generate more leads, close more deals and generate more revenue. To handle our sales proposal and agreements we use Dealsign.

As a digital marketing agency we want to show that digital is part of our DNA. Analog proposals and paperwork don’t fit in with that. Therefore it’s important to us to have an online solution for handling documents, agreements and proposals. Dealsign gives us the possibility to negotiate sales proposals online and then sign them digitally. This has helped us to grow our business.

One of the most important things when we start working with a new client is setting clear expectations. What can they expect from us, and what do we expect from them. Basically, how are we going to work together to achieve the desired outcome? Having a clear and agreed upon proposal is crucial for this. That helps us get the best start working with a new client.

With Dealsign not only can we create proposals, but we can also negotiate them online with our clients. Because our clients take an active part in shaping their proposal they are much more committed, as a result of this our close rates for sales proposals have gone up. So Dealsign helps us to win more deals. But not only have close rates gone up, also working with our clients has become easier. This is because we can always refer back to an agreed upon proposal that we negotiated together instead of a standard proposal they have signed.

One final thing that Dealsign helps us with is saving time and reducing errors in our proposals. All of our proposals are based on templates which we modify to fit our clients needs. We don’t need to start over with every new agreement, we simply create a new proposal based on a template and modify it to our clients needs. This reduces errors and saves time. Then we negotiate online and close the deal.

Also, because of this our clients get their proposals quicker so they are also quicker to sign. This furthermore makes us win business if there is a rival agency competing for the contract, because they have our proposal while they are still waiting for theirs.

In the end, Dealsign has helped us improve our business and revenue because of the way it helps us handle our process for sales proposals and agreements.