Drone service operator Flyby Guys negotiates contract and signs agreements with Dealsign solution

Hi, my name is Stephen Sutton. I am the Managing Director of Flyby Guys. We are a drone service operator in Finland with customers across the globe. We work with industrial companies looking to leverage new aerial technology to enhance their business operations or to create new opportunities.

We started using Dealsign in November, when we signed a major new technology customer from the US. We needed to scale our team and finding good subcontracting templates online was challenging, especially ones that were in English but covering Finnish laws. We came across Dealsign and instantly fell in love with the platform. The plan is to exclusively use Dealsign for all contracts, NDAs and agreements going forward.

Before Dealsign we would've built the contracts in house, potentially making mistakes or having loopholes in the agreements which were not discovered, or to pay a legal firm a significant amount of money to build out contract frameworks. Knowing that Dealsign already has a large amount of templates from some of the most reputable legal firms, we have peace of mind when negotiating the terms with a customer or subcontractor.

Digital contract handling doesn’t need to be old fashioned Word documents with redlines and static revisions. The new way of building contracts is the Dealsign way.

Having used Docusign for a tonne of contracts previously, Dealsign is heads and shoulders above it, especially with the ability to renegotiate parts of the contracts in real- time. We love it!

Stephen Sutton, Managing Director - Flyby Guys

Stephen Sutton, Managing Director - Flyby Guys