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Assignment Agreement Regarding Results From Employee To Employer





Assignment Agreement Regarding Results From Employee To Employer

§ 1 Parties

Sender Business Ltd
Example Street 1
123456 City

Receiver Business Ltd
Example Street 1
123456 City

§ 2 Background and Purpose

The Employee is employed by the Company (the “Employment”) and as part of the Employment performs work, including but not limited to [insert description of the purpose and scope of the Employment.]

As part of the Employment the Employee may develop or be part of the development of inventions and other intellectual assets including, but not limited to, information, inventions, trade secrets, strategies, techniques, manufacturing processes, formulas, models, innovations, discoveries, technical solutions, data, computer programs, know-how, instructions, and any pertaining intellectual property right such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, design rights and similar (“Results”).

The Parties agree that ownership to any Results shall accrue to the employer, even if it by Swedish law or otherwise in whole or in part would accrue to the Employee. To regulate the Company’s ownership right to the Results the Parties have entered into this Agreement.

§ 3 Transfer of Ownership to Results

Without any other compensation than salary in accordance with the employment agreement, this Agreement or in accordance with the act (1949:345) on the employer’s rights to employee’s inventions, the Employee hereby transfers to the Company all ownership rights and other rights to any current and future Results which the Employee, alone or jointly creates or have created or otherwise developed within the scope of the Employment.

The transfer also includes a right for the Company to freely modify, develop or otherwise process copyrighted works, including the right to assign such works.

[This Agreement do not regulate any ownership to the Employee’s prior inventions which have been created without any connection to the current employment at the Company, as further specified in Schedule 1 Excluded inventions.]

This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements regarding Results concluded between the Parties.

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