Is Dealsign the best alternative to any eSign electronic signature?

Trying to determine which tools to use? Are you sure all your contracts are compliant? 

There are dozens of alternative options available for electronic signature services, but Dealsign is more than just e-signing and document archive. 

Juggling Word, Google Drive and Docs, Dropbox, email and an e-signing service isn’t exactly agile. The risk of human error lurks round every corner.

This is where Dealsign comes in. 

Made for modern teams

The way we work has changed, but contract management software hasn’t. Until now. Dealsign helps teams of all sizes do their contracting together — in real-time or asynchronously, and always all contracts in one place.

Dealsign helps companies from startups to large enterprises starting modern contract management to handle everything with contracts digitally. Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation and collaboration, automated workflows and effortless user experience.

Let us show you why you should use Dealsign! 

Digital contracts in the cloud

Traditional contract management requires processing documents manually using various tools. E-signing can only be used to sign the documents. Contract negotiations, sending documents back and forth between the contract parties, and difficulties to find relevant information are the true burden in traditional document-based contract management. 

Traditional contract management

Dealsign, the all-in-one solution

Say goodbye to email ping-pong, tedious version control, lost documents, chasing signatures, printing, scanning, sending and all kinds of traditional archiving. Dealsign digital contracts enables you to send, negotiate, sign, archive and manage business contracts easily and efficiently in the digital workspace.

Dealsign, the all-in-one solution

Dealsign customer Timo Nieminen, Customer Director Sales and Marketing at ValueSource Partners:

“We have used other eSigning solutions in the past, but Dealsign is a completely different thing. The ability to have contract templates, online negotiations and digital signing in one tool has made us a lot more professional, efficient and helps us to show that we are a modern company with the latest tools.”

The smart collaboration and contract negotiations

Have you ever sent a draft based on an old template or agreement? Or a document with another client’s name on it? No more template confusion or awkward mistakes that eat into your trustworthiness as a business partner. You will always have the latest template version with the correct details. You can modify your templates as you go. Want to change something back? Don’t worry, Dealsign tracks all changes.

Dealsign stands out with its unique real time online negotiation feature. Agree on it then and there! No proofreading is needed before signing. Real time or not, all parties can keep track of the contract’s status, wherever they are.

Dealsign customer Jarkko Järvenpää, Chief Sales Officer at Vincit:

“Dealsign makes it possible to send contracts fast and delight the customers with collaborative negotiations and contracting. Show them we get things done. It’s a good way to start new relationships when you handle contracts right away.”

The easy to use and secure digital signature

Reduce legal risk in contract execution. Dealsign digital signature complies with eIDAS, ESIGN and other major regulations, and Dealsign digital signature is rated Advanced Security Level by EU and US standards. It’s advanced security level features make it more secure than most other digital signature services on the market. Secure audit trails on Dealsign ensure a complete record of your end-to-end contract processes.

The effortless archive and contract life-cycle management

All your contracts will be archived safely in one place. You can make all your new contracts with Dealsign and they are automatically stored in the database. You can also store and manage all your existing records and old contracts in the Dealsign archive. You can find the right one as simply as typing in a Google search. 

Dealsign is the perfect tool for sending, negotiating and managing all your contracts in the cloud with bulletproof compliance. Contact us for a demo meeting to get started.